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CyberTeams, Inc. was founded in 1996 to meet the content management needs of a world-wide nonprofit organization. Because the members of the organization were scattered around the world, they needed a way to submit and publish their papers, designs and documents to the web site. The prototype of the first WebSite Director content management system was born out of this need. The initial design was completed and the Beta product implemented in the fall of 1996.

In 1997 WebSite Director was released for UNIX-based servers. It was officially introduced during the Summer Internet World trade show in Chicago in July 1997. Product upgrades followed and both, UNIX and Windows NT servers were introduced during the Fall Internet World trade show in New York in December 1997. Ever since, CyberTeams have continued to enhance WebSite Director, based on requests from customers and needs of content developers. In addition to the Headquarters office in Frederick, Maryland, CyberTeams have staff based in West Virginia, California and The Netherlands.

Our mission to provide the best possible quality content management systems fuels our determination and ability to work closely with our customers to meet their product requirements and to support our products.

CyberTeams have succeeded because our customers, vendors and employees continue to see us as a reliable, trustworthy and loyal partner.


CyberTeams supports the efforts of nonprofit, space-related organizations through hosting and/or use of WebSite Director CMS.

Message from our President

Message from our president, Randall Severy


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