Case Study: Website Changes Now Take Hours, Not Weeks!

Anritsu Company is the North American subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation based in Atsugi, Japan. Anritsu has been recognized as a leading provider of communications solutions for more than 100 years. Anritsu has become a global leader in the telecommunications, optical and wireless industries by providing diverse product offerings ranging from test and measurement solutions to high-speed devices and components for use in R&D, production, and maintenance.

The Challenge

When Anritsu began their search for a CMS, web site content was controlled by their export control department without any automated method for handling cross-departmental requests. Because of their organizational structure, it was difficult for Anritsu content experts in different departments to collaborate on web site content.

Anritsu was looking into a way to provide each department with the ability to author and publish its own content to the Company’s site at Once the decision was made to move responsibility for the site’s content to the departments, the MarCom department began the search for a Content Management System that could fulfill their requirements.

Anritsu wanted a CMS that would automatically assign authoring rights to the actual content owners within the organization, allowing product information, press releases and other department-specific information to be created and maintained by content owners without reliance on web-savvy technical support personnel.

Prior to investigating WebSite Director, Anritsu had not been able to identify a CMS that would meet even the basic requirements for less than $100,000.00. There would also be additional costs for extensive modifications required to allow people from many different departments to send and track requests for Internet material in all formats.

In addition to wanting a CMS that would easily control individual user rights, like who could or could not create or maintain content, the solution must fall within Anritsu’s budgetary, security and policy guidelines.

The Solution

Anritsu began the search their search in early 2000, narrowing the vendors to those that were on the IBM-Approved vendor list. The final decision was WebSite Director by CyberTeams.

Prior to rendering its final decision, Anritsu used a fully functional evaluation copy of WebSite Director to implement a “proof of concept” web site that included content fragments to prove the ability to meet all of their requirements. The evaluation site also allowed implementers, integrators, and content owners to assure themselves that a final implementation would meet both their current objectives and future requirements.

Primary factors leading to the decision to purchase WebSite Director were its ability to interact with installed web applications, an extensive and extensible template language, multi-platform and multi-database support, and an external API that could be used in any dynamic content environment, not just the currently implemented .ASP site.

"In addition to having an excellent product in WebSite Director, CyberTeams deserves copious praise for their impeccable customer support,” says Damon Borgnino, webmaster at Anritsu Corporation.

“Of all the software companies I've dealt with, CyberTeams takes the cake when it comes to pleasing their customers in a timely fashion."

The Result

Website changes now take hours, not weeks.
WSD’s workflow capabilities provide them with ability to forward content to other departments for approval and conflict resolution in a timely manner, using the automated notifications that are part of WSD’s collaboration capabilities.

WSD’s user and website structure-based permissions allow Anritsu WSD administrators and departmental units to review WSD template content, which Anritsu creates and maintains to ensure proper insertion of data into databases, static content and dynamic interaction with web applications.

Each department is now in charge of their own website information.
By using WSD, Anritsu’s department management is able to select who in their department is authorized to author, edit and approve department-specific content. They also now have the ability to review approval history and content-related comments, easily revert to previously published content, increased accountability provided by reports of website changes, and has given the Anritsu the ability to quickly adapt to changes in web site requirements.


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