WebSite Director solved team management problems and enhanced electronic communications!

The Artemis Society International (ASI), a membership organization with active members on every continent except Antartica, is the meeting ground for the Artemis Project. Their web site is located at . This Project is a privately financed commercial venture to establish a permanent, self-supporting manned lunar base. As such, it will develop lunar resources for profit to demonstrate that manned space flight is within the reach of private enterprise and create an environment for the growth of private industry in space.   

The Challenge

Participants in the project include a broad scope of business ventures as well as dozens of local clubs, societies, and non-profit organizations around the world. Each has its own communication problems. The key personnel in the Artemis Project realized that they needed a network-based team communication system to handle the hundred of communications and documents that they were receiving from participating individuals and organizations.  

The Solution 

Key Project personnel began work to design a system that could manage and distribute the many documents. They also needed a system that would allow them to update the growing Artemis Data Book online, and send it to section managers for approval before being published.  

The Result

While initially solving the Artemis Project team management problems, CyberTeams continues to develop innovative and powerful solutions to enhance the web site's electronic communications.

As part of this relationship, the site provides a means of testing new software products at an unprecedented level. Users of all levels of expertise are exercising the software on a wide variety of platforms and usage conditions. Each has its own communication problems, and the CyberTeams software suite solves each one of them as they arise. CyberTeams' relationship with the Artemis Project provides continuous feedback about the individual needs and unique problems of the industries and ventures working on the project. By solving their team management problems, CyberTeams continues to develop innovative and powerful solutions to electronic communication problems.


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