WebSite Director demo sites

In the demo sites you will be evaluating both WebSite Director Express and WebSite Director Professional. There is no demo site for WebSite Director Advanced because the only difference between Advanced and Professional is the workflow functionality.

What you can do...

Create and update site content
The site content can be uploaded from your local machine, or created and edited with the online editor. The editor looks simular to MS Word and works without installation of any software.
Control the 'look and feel' of your site with Layout templates
In the WSD Express demo site we created a very basic page layout template. You can add your own look and feel in the Template Administration area. In the WSD Pro demo site this has been disabled.
Use Workflow Approvals
In this WSD Pro demo site you only have permissions to publish pages in the /news and /demo directories. All other directories have a workflow assigned where the CyberTeams support team has to approve your work before it is published to the site.
Perform System Administration activities
WebSite Director is fully browser based. All system administration functions are done with easy to understand menu's. In WSD Express you have full permissions to work with directories, create and update layout templates, create users and access the system configuration. In WSD Pro you have no system admin permissions.
Document versioning
WSD's version history enumerates all access to content (who submits, edits, approves, disapproves, publishes, etc.) including comment archiving. Deleted documents can easily be recovered. 
Retrieve from the Workflow Trash bin
Like in your Windows, Linux or Mac system, WSD also contains a trash bin where disapproved workflow requests are saved. The system administrator can place requests back in the workflow, and empty the trash bin. 
n/a disabled

Perform User Administration
A WSD user is a person with permissinons to:

  • perform administrative functions
  • access specific parts of the site/intranet
  • create and/or update content
  • approve work in workflow (group) stages
  • etc.

In the WSD Express demo site you have full permissions to add more users. This has been disabled in the Pro demo site.


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