WebSite Director Benefits

WebSite Director... Benefits your organization because...
Provides a cost-effective solution to your website management With a price range between $999 and $35,000, WebSite Director offers content management solutions that can be configured for your organization at a fraction of the price of other CMS products.
Eliminates additional 'buy in' costs and high consultant fees There is no need for expensive consultants or specialized environments like ASP scripting, Java engines, etc. You won't need  to change platforms because WebSite Director runs equally well in both UNIX and Windows environments.
Ensures flexible migration from small startup to large corporate sites Startup implementations on shared hosted websites can be easily ported to dedicated servers in either hosted or in-house environments as your company grows. Eliminate the cost of dedicated staging servers and the need to relocate your startup website.
Reduces operating risks and provides quick disaster recovery You can quickly retrieve and revert to previously published pages stored in your Version History Library. Maintain your Version History Library on remote servers to ensure quick disaster recovery.
Saves time on installation, startup and training Easy-to-understand guides, and free telephone assistance from our installation technician, mean you can be up and running in hours, not days or weeks. Training guides, tutorials and help screens included in the downloaded installation package will quickly lead your contributors through the content management experience.
Meshes smoothly  with existing procedures and e-commerce systems Customizable, approval-centered workflows allow WebSite Director to parallel the existing procedures and processes of your organization and its departments. It easily interfaces with your other server applications, such as shopping cart systems, price and product catalogs, billing systems, etc.
Provides scability to support high volume access and improve server efficiency WebSite Director is a modular, CGI-based system and is only active on the server momentarily when users send/receive information to/from the web server.
Allows you to standardize the look and feel of your web site Customizable templates help to ensure that your website design remains consistent, and allow non-technical contributors to concentrate on their message. Administrators can quickly and easily change the appearance of your website by modifying the templates and not each individual page.

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