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Multiple Workflows
Customizable, approval-centered workflows allow WebSite Director to parallel the existing procedures and processes of your organization and its departments.
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Programmable Layout templates
WebSite Director's customizable templates help to ensure that your website design remains consistent, and allow non-technical contributors to concentrate on their message. Administrators can quickly and easily change the appearance of your website by modifying the templates and not each individual page.
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Online What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors
Delivered with all products is a word-like browser based WYSIWYG editor, which can be configured on a template and directory level. Additinonally WSD supports the following online editors: CKEditor, TinyMCE, Editlive (by Ephox), eWebEditPro, and JSyndrome.
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Document check-in/check-out
WebSite Director provides both automated and manual check out and check-in to ensure content integrity during request processing.

Image/Photo gallery
(Mass)upload images into albums with a web browser or WebDAV client. WebSite Director is compatible with image gallery software such as Simple Viewer and Cool Iris.


WebDAV interface
Use Adobe products, Microsoft web folders, Microsoft Office and other WebDAV enabled applications to update and approve web content.
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Document revision and versioning
If applicable, WebSite Director document version history enumerates all access to content (who submits, edits, approves, disapproves, publishes, etc.) including comment archiving. Audit trails showing approval history for each version. Document versioning is in RCS (Revision Control System) format.
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Control directory-level access and updating
WebSite Director works with files and folders. Content is not (but can be) stored in a database. The access to directories can be controlled per individual user or user groups.
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Content Management-based System Reports
Generate reports about WSD activities: Request Status, User Information, Request Activity, Log Files, Templates and Link Check.


Highly granular controllable user access and permissions
Specify users permissions for system functions and directory access.


News and Blogs module
Create newsletter indexes and message blogs with WSD callback filters (sample scripts available).


iManager image resize/cropping module
This third party module integrates with the online WYSIWYG editors and enable easy cropping and resizing of images.


FAQ module
Static or dynamic frequently asked questions section, optionally connected to the Help Director helpdesk system.
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Search module
Implement almost any 3rd party searching tool using the API and callback filters.
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E-mail submit module
Allow any contributor to submit content via e-mail.


Team Director membership module (optional)
Manage groups (teams) of members for access to protected areas, online payments, group e-mail, online ticketing, etc.
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Help Director module (optional)
Manage online support ticket / e-mail communication linked to the faq area of your web site.
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Developer modules
WebSite Director is delivered with an advanced External Aplication Interface (API) and with various hooks and handles to custom scripts and applications. Together with the developer toolbar it is possible to implement custom functions and add-ons. The External Appilcation Interface allows to interface WebSite Director with your other server applications, such as shopping cart systems, price and product catalogs, billing systems, etc.
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