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The core Team Director product provides a basic membership system to maintain information about any number of members along with membership dues processing. Standard reports are available to provide lists of members and dues payment information. Membership information can be exported in spreadsheet formats. The name “Team Director” was chosen to reflect the fact that the product is designed around organizing members into teams, a function that is at the core of the product. These teams can be used for committees, project teams, chapters, or any other arbitrary grouping of members in the organization. Teams can be assigned resources, such as e-mail mailing lists, private web sites, or other custom resources. When a member is added to a team, or joins a team voluntarily, the member automatically receives access to the resources associated with the team.

Case study
Beyond the core functionality of the product, each implementation of Team Director has been customized in varying degrees to meet the requirements of the specific customer. One of the most recent customers is the National Space Society (NSS), and their requirements have pushed the product into several key new areas. The most extensive is in conference registrations, with a new Team Director subsystem that handles all aspects of conference registration for the multiple conferences that the society holds every year. To support online conference registrations, an online registration module has been developed that supports accepting credit card payments through PayPal and feeding online registration information directly into the membership database. The current NSS membership database contains over 130,000 member records, with about 12,000 current members.

E-mail processing
E-mail processing is a central feature of the Team Director system. In addition to managing subscriptions to e-mail mailing lists as part of the “team” functionality described above, Team Director has a wide variety of individual e-mail capabilities. The membership and conference registration subsystem automatically generates e-mails to members and staff with appropriate notifications. Individual e-mails can be sent to individual members, teams, or the entire membership, using e-mail templates that can personalize each e-mail to the specific member. Automatic renewal reminder e-mails can be generated at specified intervals before and after a member’s expiration date.

Login by Members
In addition to the membership system functions used by staff members, a variety of functions are available to the members themselves to reduce the workload on staff and allow member access to selected information. Members can log in to the system and view selected portions of their own membership information and optionally selected information about other members as well. They may be allowed to edit selected portions of their membership information, such as mailing address and other contact information. They can join or leave certain teams and see who the members are of certain teams.

Team Director can be easily integrated with a variety of external third-party systems with very little customization needed. Dues payment information can be fed into accounting systems and documents generated by the system can be in Microsoft Office format. Data can easily be imported from external systems into the membership system and membership information can be exported to external systems.


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