Website Development

You may require a simple web brochure. Or you may want to expose your company to a more advanced and dynamic information database driven web presence. Do you want customers to be able to purchase products, interact with engineers or request for information? Are you interested in acquiring information about your visitors and their interests?

For a lot of implementations in this field, WebSite Direcor CMS standard modules can be used. Perhaps you have particular demands that are beyond the normal scope of standard modules. In this case, we can customize for you a specific module. We can provide tailor made services depending on your personal wishes and demands.

In a cost efficient manner our developers provide customized services with the following advantages:

  • Common used functionalities are part of the CMS. 
  • Integrations with other online and offline systems are easy to accomplish
  • 100% integration in your existing website (intranet as well as extranet).
  • Suitable for minor as well as for more complex customization 

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